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Innovative Emotional Work

                        Emotional trauma is a two-pronged experience.
First there are the facts of what happened- the who, what, where, when, how and why. Then there are the emotional effects- the surge of anger, debilitating shame, a broken heart- just to name a few.
It turns out that your brain is similarly delineated. Research shows that the reasoning center of the brain has no direct communication with the emotional center and therefore no control over negative emotions. The logical inference is that earnestly rationalizing the facts of your trauma does not mean you have dealt with all the emotion! It's still exerting its influence, subtly or not.    
It's also logical that you would have other parts of your brain that CAN help you work through negative emotionality (even the kind buried deep in the past.) The Sedona Tools are powered by these other parts of the brain so your work will be both effective and efficient.

Your Next Steps

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Picture a tautly blown up balloon. The balloon represents the facts;
the air inside, your negative emotion. As you appropriately
release the air by working with The Tools, the facts  
decompress and your reasoning center can readily process
 what now amounts to a bit of crumpled plastic.

When you use all of your capabilities and the right tools for the job,
trauma is most thoroughly resolved.

Take Appropriate Action

  • Each Tool is a short, interactive visualization which means- they're experiential. This is how negative emotion is generated in the first place so it's logical that it's an effective way to work back through it. The Tools make it easy to be proactive which feels good in and of itself but you'll feel even better after you've worked through that emotionality.

Work with the Appropriate Brain Power #1

  • The Tools are powered by your intent. You set your intent at the beginning of every session. This simple statement affirms that you are taking charge of your emotional well-being and that you will be working to the best of your ability at the time.

Work with the Appropriate Brain Power #2

  • The Tools are not only mindful but cutting edge. Mindfulness therapies including guided visualizations continue to gain credibility thanks to clinical studies like the one just published by Georgetown University psychiatrists. That's all great but The Tools are happy to be validated by the results you feel when you work with them.

Kimberly Picard, Facilitator
Although you may wish to resolve emotional issues by engaging the folks involved, sometimes that's just not practical or possible. For example, you may be angry at an ex who has moved away or a parent who has passed away. Or more likely, the others just aren't ready or willing. No matter! You have the right and the power to resolve any issue within yourself for the benefit of your emotional well-being. And should the occasion ever arrive to work it out with those others, it will go far more easily without all that internal emotional pressure.

Kim was well educated in the rational- Princeton, University of Chicago, banking. She was well schooled by childhood trauma, divorce and (!!!) teenagers. Sedona gave her The Tools and the opportunity
to work through the past and stand
ready to work whenever needed going forward.

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